Let’s make a DifferAnts!

We are illustrator/concept designer Sarike Gaillard and project coordinator for cultural organisations Tanéa Tajiri.


Since 2018, we have been working together from different disciplines, but with a shared social vision.


With a background as Visual Arts & Design Manager, Tanéa Tajiri knows how to bridge the gap between the creative sector and the business market. Besides managing the art collection and the legacy of Shinkichi and Ferdi Tajiri, she supports various cultural organizations and artists with project coordination and branding.

Sarike Gaillard is passionate about getting children to read. She previously made the picture books with accompanying teaching material ‘All votes count’ about democracy and citizenship and ‘Kik is op Mik’ about Hieronymus Bosch (published by De Vier Windstreken). She also designed and developed the teaching programme MondriMaan in the Mondriaan year.

Sarike en Tanéa